Whether you want to promote an app in a certain country or want to reach global audiences, we designed a full set of tools that will match your advertising needs. Boost your user value now!


Maximize your revenues with Adz Revolutions. We built a solid and reliable platform to target the most appropriate ad for your audience, getting you highest eCPMs. Maximize your audience potential now!


Adz Revolution offers a variety of performance- based marketing solutions. Our direct and exclusive ad inventory reaches hundreds of millions of mobile users in a controlled, brand-safe environment. We guarantee satisfying results to many clients by delivering outstanding performance, with expert insights, full transparency and well control.

At ADZ REVOLUTION , we thrive to empower our clients to bring down their acquisition costs. We combine our machine learning abilities with our experience to deliver fraud free quality users at scale for advertisers.

  • SDK:We have self-managed SDK
  • traffic. And we have our own finance app.
  • API: Connect to direct apps via API.

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